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Spirits are a key element of gameplay in Spirit Lords.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ancient relics are scattered throughout Arbolith and the Spirit Realm and contain the remnants of the great ancestors that ruled the land.

As a Spirit Lord, you hold the power to bond with these Spirits and channel their incredible strength.

Find the rest of the legendary Spirit Relics and fulfill your destiny!

Affinity Table[edit | edit source]

Each Spirit draws its strength from a specific element and is more effective against a particular opposing force. In turn, each Spirit is also weaker against its counter Element.

Study the relationships of Nature, Water, Fire, Void, and Arcane in the chart below.


Equipping Spirits and Ability Slots[edit | edit source]

Each Spirit must be assigned to its designated slot: Auto Attack, Mobility, Directional, Instant, and Ultimate. Once assigned, that ability will be powered up with Elemental properties! Find out more in the Abilities Overview!

Equip Spirits from the Spirits Menu by dragging the desired Spirit from the right to a valid slot on the left.


Leadership: Leadership Level dictates the total number of powerful Spirits you can equip!

Powering Up Spirits[edit | edit source]

Spirits power each other up and are happy to join forces. Powering up a Spirit will increase its stats and make it even stronger. Remember, Gold is used as a Grounding agent so it's required for all Power Ups.


Evolving Spirits[edit | edit source]

Once a Spirit reaches its Max Level, it can be Evolved into an even more powerful apparition.

Collect Evolution Materials to unlock a Spirit's potential. This will add a Star to the Spirit's rarity and greatly improve its stats!

Spirit Missions[edit | edit source]

Spirits have a unique link to the Spirit Realm. Use this link to send them on Missions to gain experience. Spirits on missions will be unavailable for a short time but they will return with treasure and XP!


Lord Tip: If you don't see the Mission you're looking for, you can Re-Roll your Missions to get another set. Remember, Rare Missions give much better rewards!