Spirit Realm

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The Spirit Realm is a dungeon in Spirits Lords.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Legends say an invasion from this mystical realm destroyed the world. Though the "Hundred Heroes" stopped the war 800 years ago, the realm has opened once more.

Travel through the Spirit Realm to collect powerful Spirits and Evolution Materials. Each Elemental Realm contains three different Tracks: an Anchor Track, a Power Track, and an Evolution Track.

  • Anchor Track: The track necessary for unlocking Necropolis
  • Power Track: The track that can spawn Grubbins Dungeons
  • Evolution Track: The track with the highest chance for Evolution Materials

Tap on a Track to begin your journey in Anchoring the Spirit Realm.


Unlock and Ground Nodes by conquering Dungeons to advance through the Spirit Realm. As you progress, you will need Elemental Shards to enter Dungeons. Remember, Master Shards can be used to fulfill ANY Shard requirement.


Lord Tip: Every Node has a chance to spawn the Bonus Dungeon for that track. Bonus Dungeons are the absolute best place to find rare Evolution Materials and Grubbins!