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Sorcerer is a class in Spirit Lords.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sorcerers are ranged casters, gifted with an innate talent that allows them to shape magic into many different forms.Though they are born with the ability to wield magic, those that are truly skilled have studied for years in Arkos to control their powers.Utilizing a strong connection to the Spirit Realm, the Sorcerer is able to manifest their bond with their Spirits in the form of spells that can either protect or destroy.

Abilities Overview[edit | edit source]

Because they lack the brute strength and strong defense of a Barbarian, the Sorcerer prefers to keep their distance from enemies. Choosing lightweight cloth armor over more durable options, they are able to easily control their positioning during battle in order to mitigate the damage that they take. It is, for a skilled caster, possible to engage in battle without receiving so much as a scratch from the enemy.

Gear Progression[edit | edit source]

Better gear allows a Sorcerer to unlock the secrets of the ancients and dramatically improve Defense. Find more powerful Gear at higher Dungeon Difficulties!