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Dungeons lie at the core of the Spirits Lords experience. Learn more about the different Dungeon Types, Difficulty Levels, and Multiplayer Functionality below!

Dungeon Types[edit | edit source]

Story Dungeons: Story Dungeons are part of the main quest in Spirit Lords and will guide you through the entire story in its many Acts. Remember, Story Quests can only be completed once sot's wisest to tackle them at the highest difficulty possible for the best Guaranteed Loot.

Current Story Dungeons can be found in the Quests Menu under "Story Quests."


Repeatable Dungeons: At each Dungeon location in Arborlith, a set of three Repeatable Dungeons await the Spirit Lord looking to power up. Each Repeatable Dungeon is a 4-part Quest in which players must battle through four dangerous zones until a climactic confrontation with a Boss! Defeating the Boss will restart the process and award players another chance at amazing loot.

Lord Tip: The Student, Scholar, and Master Dungeons should be played once a Spirit Lord reaches the respective Levels (15, 40, and 50).

Current Repeatable Dungeons can be found in the Quests Menu under "Side Quests."


Dungeon Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Each Dungeon can be completed on one of four Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lord. The best possible Loot is only available at the higher Difficulty settings.

Lord Tip: You can only run Story Dungeons once, so ALWAYS try to run the highest Difficulty in order to get the best loot!


Lord Tip: If you're having trouble beating a Story Dungeon at higher difficulty, you can go back and run Repeatable Dungeons to get better Gear and Spirits, and make yourself more powerful.


As you progress through the Story Dungeons, make sure to inspect your Meta Power compared to the Dungeon Power. "Good", "Average", "Very Low" and "Negligible" will indicate your success rate at the selected Difficulty. Adjust the Difficulty to match your current Meta Power, to maximize your loot and progression. Challenging yourself early on will set you up for success later on.

Remember: Greater risk, equals great rewards!

Multiplayer Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Each Dungeon in Spirit Lords, whether it's in Arborlith or the Spirit Realm, can be run with a multiplayer party in real-time! Join a Guild, make some friends, and invite other Spirit Lords to your Party to engage in multiplayer dungeons. These Dungeons will scale to accommodate for multiple Spirit Lords!

To invite a Party, go to the Dungeon Ready screen and tap "Invite Party." Once another player accepts the invite, the Dungeon will begin!