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Abilities are used by the various classes in Spirit Lords.

Ability Types[edit | edit source]

  • Auto Attack - Tap to move to a location or attack an enemy with your "Auto Attack." Equip a Spirit to give your "Auto Attack" an Elemental bonus and special effects!
  • Mobility - Double Tap a location to activate your "Mobility" ability. For the Barbarian, this is a Leap, while the Sorcerer has Blink!
  • Instant - Tap directly on your Character to perform an "Instant" ability. "Instant" Abilities power up your weapon or Spirit Lord in a flash!
  • Directional - Tap and Drag away from your Character to use a "Directional" ability. These abilities may take time to charge up, but deal significant damage.
  • Ultimate - Destroying enemies and using Abilities will charge your "Ultimate" meter. When full, tap the "Ultimate" icon to unleash your most powerful attack against your foes!